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What is salt
with seasonings?

Salt with spices is a long-known and widely used by the people of the East ingredient of almost any dishes. Unlike ordinary salt, which changes solely the salt balance of the dish, salt with seasonings allows not only to add a dish, but also to give it a certain flavor, characteristic for dishes of a particular cuisine.

Excellent taste and aroma!

Strengthening of immunity

Strengthening of immunity. The product contains garlic, known for its beneficial effect on human immunity. In turn, this is a good confirmation of the thesis "Medicine is food, and food is a medicine"

Saving money

It is more profitable to buy "SAL-VICRO" than to buy individual components!

Vitamins and minerals

The mass of vitamins and useful microelements of various spices and seasonings is contained in crystals of our salt

OUR SALT has a unique taste and is capable of letting you touch the distant exotic countries without leaving your own kitchen.


We are a young, dynamically developing company specializing in the production and wholesale of salt-based seasonings.

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Responsibility and reliability

Since ancient times people have appreciated spices above gold, Europeans followed them on long and dangerous trips, and monarchs and nobles were ready to pay for a bag of special salt a round sum of coins, because everyone knows: nothing reveals the taste of dishes as spices.


Quality raw materials, fine recipes, modern grinding, mixing and filling equipment

Components of our success

  • Presence in the warehouse of all offered goods.
  • Flexible pricing policy.
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The legendary Svan seasoning is an amazing additive to dishes that not only adds an exquisite and unique taste, but also positively affects our health, rejuvenating and healing.

The composition of the seasoning includes: common salt, red pepper, garlic, цхо су су suneli, saffron, coriander, cumin, savory (kondari).


The unique harmony of the Aztec and Spanish culinary traditions. Sour seasoning for meat and vegetables on grill, burrito and quesadilla.

The composition includes: salt cooked food, garlic, dried tomatoes, red chili pepper, coriander, basil, paprika, caraway seeds, dill dried


Salt with spices is not only tasty, but also useful, tk. it is more "salty", and therefore it can be half as much as usual salt.

The composition includes: salt, edible, dried, dried dill, black pepper, garlic, basil, lemon, coriander


Salt enhances the effect of spices, increases their extractiveness, that is, the ability to give away essential oils and other flying substances. Many lovers of cooking something delicious know what a fragrant salt is. Enough to salt and you can be sure that there will be as many spices as you need.

The composition includes: salt, food, garlic, basil, thyme, rosemary, savory, marjoram, pink pepper


Indian salt - it's curry, seasoning from a mixture of spices based on the root of turmeric, which appeared, apparently, in India, is now widely distributed around the world.


A unique seasoning made from spices and spices used in Maracan cuisine


Salt with spices is not only tasty, but also useful, tk. it is more "salty", and therefore salt it can be two times less than the usual salt.


Salt enhances the action of spices, increases their extractivity, that is, the ability to give off essential oils and other volatile substances. Many lovers of cooking something delicious know what a fragrant salt is.


Enough salt and you can be sure that the spices will be as long as necessary.



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Active people, athletes and everyone who needs high protein in the diet

Anyone who wants to reduce and control their weight

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Those who are just beginning to observe the multi-day Orthodox fasts

Busy people wishing to cook quickly



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